Yoga Rules To Follow

In today’s world, most of the people lead a very unhealthy lifestyle with a hectic work schedule and eating junk food. Most of the occupation demands working on laptops and desktops which means most of the hours you end up spending sitting and not to forget the stress level that goes high with all the workload.

People both grown-ups and kids are becoming less active. All these unhealthy habits have resulted into many deadly diseases that nowadays people suffer.The only solution to all these is doing exercises regularly and the healthiest way to do is by practicing yoga. Thankfully, in recent years people have started realizing the benefits of yoga and you will find a yoga center in almost every corner of the world. Asian countries promote yoga to a large extent. In fact, Chiang mai yoga @ of Thailand is a very popular one. But with all the advantages yoga offers, there are also certain rules that one has to follow to practice it in the right manner without getting hurt.

Go through the rules that need to be followed for a better and safer experience:

The best time to do yoga is early morning. Hence, try to go to bed early at night and wake up early in the morning. Wash your face, brush your teeth, attend nature’s call and take a bath. Once you are done with your morning rituals then get started with yoga. If you have time constraint then you can always practice 5 hours after your meal or 1 hour after a liquid diet. Do not practice yoga immediately after having food. It will do more harm than benefitting you.

Always practice yoga on a leveled floor. Do not sit on bed to do yoga. Pick a room of your house where you have light coming in and there are doors and windows for proper ventilation. If you have an open terrace or a garden then that can be the best place to get started. Keep in mind that whichever place you choose it should have morning tender sunrays falling. Make sure that the surrounding is clean and there is no smoke around so that you breathe fresh air.

Do not practice yoga sitting directly on the ground or mortar or cement floor. You can spread a piece of cloth, carpet or a blanket on the ground. In fact, yoga mats are available in almost all the retail stores. So, do not hesitate to spend few bucks to buy one after all it is going to benefit you a lot. Be calm while doing yoga. If you feel exhausted then you can take rest for some time in a comfortable posture. Yoga is meant to relax your mind and body so, take your time while you do the various poses.

Try to practice on a regular basis and prefer to do at the same time. If you do irregularly then your body will not become flexible enough to try many yoga poses comfortably. While doing yoga, be focused on the asana you perform. Keep all your other thoughts away because they can absolutely distract you. So, if you really want effective yoga then better concentrate on yoga.

While doing yoga asana, if a person feels like attending nature’s call then go immediately. Actually, because of yoga, all the dirt in the organs of the body tends to move to the urinary bladder. So, do not hold it back for too long. Also, if you feel like coughing and sneezing then do not suppress it. And in the middle, if you feel thirsty then have a little water to satisfy your thirst.

Once you are done with the various postures, lay back for 3 to 5 minutes with relaxed breathing. This will calm your mind and body. Avoid doing sudden movements and slowly perform all the movementsIf you are pregnant or having your menstrual cycle then refrain from practicing yoga regularly.

However, for such cases there are some particular asana which can be done.If you had an operation recently or may be has a fracture or sprain, then better to refrain yourself from yoga for few days and start only after you consult an expert.